Saturday, September 6, 2008

And freedom struggle continues!!!

One voice:Kashmiri people raising pro-freedom and pro-pakistan slogans after Friday congregation in Maisuma Srinagar.


Kashmirviews said...

Indian policy on Kashmir seems to have boomeranged. After violent 90’s, it was contemplated that in the vale pumping money (to help the state attain second rankings in corruption), renovating parks (for vulgarity), issuing license to liquor shops (so that people can relax on the banks of Dal) and raising structures (so that politicians would make sure of a good election year) would bring back the lost land (hell with its people).

Some quarters swore about valley returning to normalcy. But it all went awry.

The July-August air has pulled the valley back on the podium of violent 1990’s. And apparently, feeling prostituted on seeing millions turning up in peaceful marches, some jackass there in the heart of ‘D’ suggested of punitive measures.

So just seven days ago, after failing to secure ‘track two’ win, the valley was handed-over to uncultured but sophistically armed creatures. And since then, everything clogs.

Yanking all local news channels off the air is the very recent step by the government to dent the ‘Azadi aspirations’ in Kashmir.

What runs is the state-owned Doordarshan and outside state news channels.

Actually, the rubrics of media war hold true here. And truth needs to be told,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but not from your mouth. It stinks.

We show the truth. We show how a little boy deep in the central Indian jungles falls into a pit to be rescued by ever-strong military. It took us 48 hours to show it live.

While as your channel show a kid in the valley stoning our ‘ever-strong’ army vehicle only to be dotted on abdomen with 3-inch long bullets.

For weeks, 40 such protesters were killed. And you went to the houses of all the family members of the victims and interviewed them.

We won gold there in Olympics. See a country of over 1 billion population won a single gold there in Beijing. We covered it. Extensively. That was a matter of pride. Wasn’t it

Then there was Pakistan. Can you imagine it was Mushraff’s impeachment? No matter we call you our ‘integral part’ but they are our neighbors. They deserved a good treatment.

You are showing us some women in Dalgate wrapping Ghulam Qadir’s corpse in a white cloth and collapsing on the road around it, hugging the body. With them, you are showing us scores of other men, women and children, all with fear writ large in their eyes.

You are displaying images of mourners scornfully defying the tight curfew imposed on the city. You are spreading their voices that are cracked with the distress of unshed tears and helpless anger at the enemy in khaki clothing.

Do not you remember bollywood films like, Indian, Maa Tujhe Salaam, Border, LoC. Our men are good. They not only kill enemy on borders, they also know how to kill ‘rats in their nests’.

You are showing us slogans like “We want Azadi“, (independence) and then, “Down with the constitution of India.” So what the voices come from all Kashmiris.

You are violating news norms and ethics. Soon we will check up your license and registration.

Ours are good papers and channels. You can enjoy our films and father-son conflict operas along with the news that is “very important”.

Yours is an inflammatory stuff”. No, we will not allow it. It is inciting. Have some rest. So many staff members of yours are lying injured. The ‘ever-strong’ army beat them up regularly these days. So let them nurse back to health. Till then, let the blank screens welcome all viewers.

We asked how this happened, Information Secretary Kul Bhushan Jandiyal maintained that it all comes with the job description of journalists.

And what then if on July 2, economic blockade began on the valley—that continues. So what mobile SMSing was banned all over Jammu and Kashmir as a “precautionary step”? So what erratic mobile phone networks eat up your money?

We have not slapped restrictions on the newspapers, so what the rigid seven-day long curfew has made it impossible for reporters to hunt, editors to chisel, printers to print and hawkers to distribute.

We know these are unforgiving and cruel curfews, but we have a report the militants might kill your leaders. That is why we arrested them. Even our country sent additional battalions of troops (7 lakh troops are already there) to protect these half-a bunch leaders.

So what is there that is irking you….No we are not pressurizing your leaders to toe our line.

Be rest assured.

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