Thursday, August 14, 2008

Look Into My Eyes

( Eye Ball To Eye Ball: Until a settlement is agreed, we would continue to raise our heads and look into the eyes of those who have subjugated us for almost 62 years)

Razed To Ashes

( Hurting Sentiments: A Muslim Gujjar show Quran pages that were burn by Hindu rioters in Akhnoor in Jammu. Almost 76 Gujjar huts were set ablaze, still Kashmiri's carried 600,000 Hindu pilgrims to the amarnath cave on their backs)

And She Lost Her Second Son

( Occupational forces punctured his chest thrice: I am old and my bones are weary, and my son he is all I have. But he has gone to fight for freedom, leaving with my heart.)

One Man Show

( Endless Rage: The Valley turned into Gaza Strip as civilians attacked the CRPF bunkers and gave dead lines to CRPF to abandon their bunkers forever. The fury in the valley has reached its apex after the Indian troops killed 35 innocent peaceful protesters and injured almost 600.)

Defying an empire

( For victory always: Troops or police were never any impediment for the youth of Kashmir, despite 35 fellow Kashmiris fell to troopers' bullets who were protesting against the economic blockade and the denial of freedom)

Adding toll to the statistics

( Martyrdom Achieved: Hit by Indian trooper on neck, this Kashmiri was martyred by the Indian occupational forces)

Do take some important lessons

( Watch out: Albeit 700,000 Indian troopers here, besides hundreds of battalions of police, India has failed to suppress a dominant voice of Kashmir. The voice that carries with it the fury of snatching the freedom, if denied.)

Targeting unarmed civilians

(Aiming Chests: As long as the subjugation continue, people of Kashmir would continue sacrificing their lives. They have fallen in romance with the Freedom)

Born to Kill

(The Killer: Former MLA, Syed Akhoon's guard was beaten up by the peaceful protesters after he killed a 20-year-old undergraduate student, Owais Majeed at Rainawari, Srinagar. Owais was hit on face multiple times. He died on the spot and this guard still roams free)